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An article on the region in the German newspaper Frankfurter Geamena

03 November 2011
An article in the Frankfurt-based German Economic Journal, published every Sunday. This article appeared in its issue dated 04/12/2010

This article explains in detail and in a good way the situation in the area of ​​the University of garbage in Mokattam. Explains how squatter areas are established. The houses are built from surplus bricks and broken bricks. The houses are not safe and the government does not care about these people at all and does not give them anything.

The trip to the garbage collector area is a journey full of hope where the man migrates leaving his village to reach the area, looking for work and a place to live, and then his family followed him and his sisters with their families, then cousins ​​and his friends and so on. This is how this region has been formed and continues to grow and grow day after day.

Despite the garbage that exists everywhere ... this place is considered one of the best places for recycling. Men go to collect garbage from all over Cairo. Women and their children stay in houses to sort garbage, which is divided into plastic, solid materials, paper, organic matter (waste of food) which is recycled and the steel is then exported.

The community appears very poor but everyone there carries a mobile.

The government does not provide them with any kind of services such as electricity, water, sanitation. This community is very cooperative and very active .. They work day and night.
Every community like this has a leader, and Father Simon Abraham is the leader here in a garbage dump. He set up a carpentry shop inside the church to help some people work and earn a living after many people lost their jobs after the government decided to slaughter all the pigs in the area, which were a major source of livelihood for the people of this region. Any individual who wants to start a project goes to the Father of Simon, any sick individual who goes to the Father of Simon to pray for him, any individual in need of money or any kind of assistance goes to Father Simon. Its church serves and serves the people of this region in different ways.

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