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A disaster in the mountain of Mokattam in the area of Jamai garbage in Mansheyat Nasser

03 November 2011
For the month of January 2010 ..... specifically in the area of ​​St. Simeon Al-Dabbagh monastery .... It happened that the Egyptian government issued a decree to remove forty-two houses inhabited by one hundred and seventy-seven families from the simple inhabitants of the garbage collectors, the houses they built themselves and have no other Especially after the slaughter of all pigs in 2009, where their simple economy has shrunk since then. So such a decision is a terrible disaster for such destitute people

This decision was issued for fear of the lives of the people, especially after the collapse of a number of huge stones from Mount Mokattam in the area of ​​Duweika in 2008, and the death of many ... This led the government to take a campaign to detect the stones of the fall and found that there is already a group in the area below the monastery . Despite this, people have refused to leave their homes ... They prefer to stay and risk their lives to leave their homes and leave their jobs in the area ... In fact, there is no alternative solution to these people who have built their homes for 40 years ... Blessed with the sweat of their forehead.

Therefore, Father Simon Ibrahim, the priest of the monastery of St. Simon the Dabbagh and the chairman of its board of directors, intervened and negotiated with officials in the government several times until he came with a group of geological experts and civil engineers who inspected the place and stones and conducted a specialized field study ... In the following three stages

First Stage Rock Raising: Hazardous rocks are destroyed by iron shafts. The large rocks are then divided (from 50 tons to 100 tons) into parts of 5 to 15 tons per piece by a cutting machine. The small parts are then hammered by halty, large punching, iron wire cut, and lift by the winch from the sides to safe places.

Phase II: Raising the dust: After removing all the rocks from the sides, and the dust is loaded through a digger and moved outside the monastery by large cars and abandoned a distance of 2 meters from the outskirts of the mountain.

The third stage is binding the ends of the mountain: the places of these rocks are then bound by an iron bar. The work level shall be as a gradient and sprinkle over the nets. Cement and sand shall be mechanized and a wall shall be erected at the end of the runway.

They have also made the necessary budget to complete such a massive project

the cost

Phase 1: Up to 1,000 tons of stones will be lifted. This lift will take about 30 days, the cost of the day is 7,000 pounds, the rent of the winches and the trained labor is 30 days × 7,000 pounds = 210,000
Phase Two: Approximately 2,000 large vehicles (20,000 meters) are raised, the cost of the load is 120 pounds, about 240,000 pounds. The cost of loading and labor is about 30 days x 5,000 pounds = 150,000 NIS.

Phase III: Binding of exposed areas after the removal of rocks and the area is about 10,000 meters (length of 1,000 meters at a height of 10 meters). The cost of the meter is about LE 250 (labor cost, mortar and iron net) LE 2,500,000.

Total cost for all stages: 210,000 + 390,000 + 2,500,000 = 3,100,000 LE
The cost of removing the ton: 3,100,000 / 1000 = 3,100 pounds per ton

The governor of Cairo agreed to this project ... but it is the responsibility of our father Simon Ibrahim, who in turn started implementation and we have already completed the first phase, which is the stage of grave danger and we are now in the third stage, and we are still We need substantial financial support so that we can complete this project

You can see the pictures of each stage in detail in the photo album here on our site in addition to the rock of faith and three other films that explain each stage in detail in the video library here too .....

Dear Beloved, if you want support, you can do so by following the bank information:

Bank Details:
Bank Name: Credit Agricole Egypt
Address: 12 Baghdad Street
Korba, Heliopolis, Egypt 11341
Bank Sort Code: AGRIEGCX
Samaan El Dabbagh Church
Manshiet Naser, Cairo, Egypt
$ Acct. #: 000-9176-0000-103
LE Acct. #: 000-9110-0009-741

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