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20 June 2011

On January 2010, The Egyptian government decided to demolish 42 house buildings with about 177 families of the poor residents of the rubbish collectors.  Those needy people own nothing but their houses, especially after they have been banned from breeding the pigs, on which they depended to earn their living.  Slaughtering the pigs was behind shrinking their finances to a great percentage.  Therefore, such a decree is considered as a terrible disaster for them.  

As you may know, twice over the past years, some of the large boulders clinging to the mountainside have fallen, and killed many people.  When the second tragedy took place a year ago at AL Dowaka, an area adjoining the Garbage Village, The government launched a campaign to study the area and check if there are still tumbledown rocks threatening people's lives. Unfortunately, they already found some threatening boulders clinging to the mountainside particularly below the monastery area therefore they determined to evacuate the whole area. On the other side the residents of the area refused to leave their homes as they would rather die than abandon the area and loose their work. Actually the people live and work in Garbage Village (El Zabaleen area) for about 40 years and hardly built their homes, which made it impossible for them to earn their living in another place and as a matter of fact those people do not have any other alternative solutions provided for them to make any choices.

Father Samaan Ibrahim, the Pastor and Chairman of St. Samaan the Tanner Monastery at the Garbage Village, negotiated several times with the government Officials and convinced them to delay the demolition of these buildings. Father Samaan brought a group of Geologists and Civil Engineers to study the area, and come up with a plan to purify the area from these threatening boulders which can be disposed of without removing people's homes. They made a plan to be carried out in three main phases. They also drew up the budget required to accomplish this extraordinary project.

We Thank God that, the Governor agreed to this project based only on one condition; that Father Samaan takes full responsibility for the lives of the people. On his part Father Samaan began to carry out the plan and succeeded to finish the first phase of the plan which is the most dangerous of all and now proceeding work in the third phase.

We need a great financial support to complete our project successfully, as we have borrowed most of the money spent in this project.

If you feel that want to share with us, and support the work of God, this would be highly appreciated.   
In his Love

Father Samaan Ibrahim
Pastor  & Chairman of St. Samaan The Tanner Monastery at Garbage Village


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