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The Love Center for Disabled People Opened on Saturday, November 27, 2010

08 May 2011
People celebrate the feast of St Mokattam great carrier of the mountain yesterday and also celebrated the opening of a center for people with special needs. Where a great ceremony was held attended by a large number of officials has been delegated by Rear Admiral Mohammad Isa on the rule of Cairo Governor Abdel Azim Wazir, who delivered a speech thanking the progress of love and peace also attended the Liturgy Bishop Yoannis Secretary of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. 

The Center serves 300 children from mentally Disabled People and the deaf and dumb, this center consists of 8 floors have been completed and finished processing the first round only. We have begun work tothe establishment of this center since they agreed to demand the rule of the governor in 2009. 

We thank ourLord for all who contributed to this work (his work), and we thank all the servants and maids, and we are sure that who, who started this Project is capable of continuing it till the end... Still we have, too much work to do to complete all the floors of the building with all the needed furnitures and equipments.

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